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    Risen Energy Was Awarded TÜV SÜD 730W Certificate Under IEC New Standard for Its HJT Hyper-ion Modules

    Recently, Risen Energy's HJT Hyper-ion modules with a power output of 730W passed the testing conducted by TÜV SÜD, a leading global independent testing and certification authority. TÜV SÜD issued the new standard IEC certificate for it, signifying the rapid advancement in power output and efficiency of mass-produced HJT Hyper-ion modules. This achievement meets the growing customer demand for high-output solar panels and further strengthen Risen Energy's competitive edge in the market.

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    Empirical Data of Hyper-ion Modules Updated: Monthly Cumulative Power Generation Gain of HJT Modules in Saudi Arabia Up to 3.58%

    Driven by surging global demand for solar energy, PV cell technology is rapidly advancing. Traditional p-type PERC technology is being surpassed by n-type cell technologies, with n-type heterojunction (HJT) cells emerging as the most promising option. Benefitting from over 40 years of research, HJT cell design and materials have continuously improved, leading to significant efficiency and reliability gains. HJT cells have now achieved conversion efficiencies exceeding 26%, enabling HJT modules to deliver power outputs exceeding 700Wp, reaching up to 720Wp+.

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    What’s the Secret behind the Global Popularity of Risen Energy’s HJT Hyper-ion Modules?

    Since its official launch in July 2023, Risen Energy’s 700Wp+ heterojunction (HJT) Hyper-ion modules have been demonstrating strength in overseas markets. With continuous improvements in module power and efficiency, as well as outstanding performance in high power generation and low carbon footprint, they are highly favored by customers worldwide.

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