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C&I Energy Solution

The commercial and industrial energy solution is a comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable energy solution tailored for the industrial and commercial and sectors.

With various collaboration models, this solution leads to the construction of distributed photovoltaic power plants, energy storage stations, and integrated photovoltaic and energy storage systems, providing a comprehensive, efficient, and sustainable energy solution for the industrial and commercial sectors. It meets their needs for stable electricity while reducing energy costs, minimizing environmental pollution, and contributing to sustainable development.

Distributed Photovoltaic Power Plant

It refers to the configuration of smaller photovoltaic power generation and supply systems at user sites or near electricity consumption sites to meet the specific needs of users, support the economic operation of existing distribution networks, or meet both requirements simultaneously. It primarily includes industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plants installed on rooftops, with the generated electricity generally consumed by the industrial and commercial enterprises themselves.
  • Introduction to the BIPV System

    BIPV refers to building-integrated photovoltaics, which are solar photovoltaic power generation systems attached to buildings, also known as "installed" solar photovoltaic buildings. Its main function is power generation, without conflicting with the functions of the building, and without damaging or weakening the original functions of the building.

  • BIPV Introduction

    BIPV refers to the simultaneous design, construction, and installation of solar photovoltaic systems with buildings, forming a seamless integration with the buildings. It is also known as "building-integrated" and "building-material" photovoltaic architecture. As part of the building's external structure, it not only functions for power generation but also serves as building components and materials. Moreover, it can enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings, achieving a perfect harmony with the architecture.

  • Integrated Solar and Storage Solution

  • DC Coupled System

    The DC coupled system is suitable for newly installed industrial and commercial solar and storage systems. It adopts the design of an integrated solar and storage unit, with a simple structure. Only one inverter is needed to simultaneously address the applications of solar power generation and energy storage charging and discharging.

  • AC Coupled System

    The AC coupled system is suitable for industrial and commercial solar grid-connected power generation systems that already have energy storage facilities. To add energy storage, an additional energy storage inverter is installed on the AC side, working in coordination with the existing grid-tied inverter to ensure stable and reliable power supply for industrial and commercial operations.

  • Centralized Ground-mounted Power Plant Solution

    Ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants are composed of photovoltaic module arrays, grid-connected inverters, and photovoltaic-specific integrated smart substations. In sunlight, the photovoltaic module array directly converts solar energy into electricity. The DC electricity is then converted into AC electricity by grid-connected inverters and subsequently connected to the public grid after being boosted by the photovoltaic-specific integrated smart substation. These power plants are typically built on open ground, with large spacing between modules, creating favorable conditions for sunlight exposure, ventilation, and cooling. Modules can be installed at optimal angles and orientations, which is beneficial for extending the lifespan of photovoltaic modules and improving power generation efficiency.

    Energy Storage Power Station

    A power station that utilizes electrochemical batteries as energy storage components, capable of storing, converting, and releasing electrical energy. It consists of several different or identical types of electrochemical energy storage systems. In addition to the energy storage systems, the station also includes facilities for grid connection, maintenance, and inspection. For stations connecting to power grids with voltage levels of 10(6) kV and higher, it also includes equipment such as collector lines and step-up transformers.

    Energy Storage Products

    Product Features: Low investment, high integration, easy transportation, low on-site installation costs

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