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Super Energy Roof BIPV System

  • 8100Pa Load Resistance

    Can be directly stepped on during installation, without the need for inspection pathways, allowing for 10%-30% more installed capacity in the same area.

  • 30-year System Lifespan

    The system undergoes IEC63126 Level2 high-temperature testing, ensuring higher stability under extreme conditions. The Super Energy Roof BIPV system has a lifespan of over 30 years.

  • Efficient Waterproofing

    360° upright lock edge technology, combined with top and bottom longitudinal profiles, seamless connections, no water vapor leakage, no water accumulation, providing integrated waterproofing for the roof.

  • Class A Fire Resistance

    Passed GB8624 fire resistance testing with Class A non-combustibility. The exposed parts of the system contain no combustible materials, to prevent fires.

  • Strong Wind Resistance

    Supported by three points within a 740mm width, with reinforced brackets installed in the middle, capable of withstanding strong typhoons.

  • Efficient Heat Dissipation

    The modules and colour steel tiles are directly left with cavities, to form a chimney effect, allowing for natural airflow and rapid heat dissipation.

  • Self-cleaning with No Dust Accumulation

    The frameless design of the dual-glass modules prevents dust accumulation, ensuring high power generation.

Power generation system based on double-glass modules
  • <2%First-year attenuation
  • ≥84.95%30-year generated power
  • 210 double-glass frameless moduleModule type
  • Colour steel tile integrated system
    Patented clamp installation modes
    • 01

      Unique stiffener installation mode

      More secure, improves installation tolerance

    • 02

      Anodized clamp contact surface

      Rubber-covered, eliminates electrochemical corrosion

    • 03

      Self-locking nut installation

      Lightweight operation, enables single-person installation

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