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Low Open Voltage, High Load Capacity
  • 675Wp+

    Maximum power

  • 21.7%

    Maximum efficiency

  • Passed multiple

    rigorous tests

  • 01

    210-size cells

  • 02

    NDS non-destructive cutting technology

  • 03

    Slice packaging technology

  • 04

    MBB technology

  • 05

    High-strength alloy steel frame

Product Advantages

  • Higher Reliability

    Passed extreme rigorous tests including DH50003X PID, -40°C extreme low-temperature static/dynamic load, 18-level wind tunnel, and 45mm hail impact, etc.

  • Lower System Costs

    Low voltage, high load-bearing capacity, and 38% higher single-string power.

  • Higher Loading Capacity and Lower Transportation Costs

    Innovatively adopted vertical packaging, to maximize the internal capacity of containers, increase the loading power of a single cabinet, and reduce transportation costs per watt.

  • Lower BOS Costs and LCOE

    Compared with other centralized PERC products, the maximum reduction in BOS costs per watt can reach 9.92%, and the maximum reduction in LCOE can reach 8.62%.

  • Lower BOS Costs and LCOE

  • PERC 210-55
  • PERC 210-66
  • Product Reliability

    Passed multiple rigorous tests:

    Level-8 salt spray test - Higher salt spray resistance level;

    3X PID enhanced test 288H;

    High temperature and high humidity corrosion enhanced test (DH5000) - five times more stringent than the IEC standard;

    Extreme low-temperature static load test / extreme low-temperature dynamic load test - safe and reliable even in a -40°C environment;

    Hail impact test - passed the 45mm hail test.

    Product Series

  • TITAN670Wp

    TITAN prec 132 Bifacial Module
  • TITAN560Wp

    TITAN prec 110 Bifacial Module
  • TITAN675Wp

    TITAN prec 132 Monofacial Module