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Tiled Type Super Tile System

Creating Roof Aesthetics with Super Tile
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    Integrated Metal Tile

    Efficient power generation modules are embedded on metal roofing for Tiled Type Super Tile, deeply integrating to present an integrated form, constructing a metal roofing with efficient power generation.

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    Minimal installation

    The area of a single tile can reach 4.5 times that of conventional cement tiles, reducing the installation quantity. Building-block installation is adopted for easy operation, lightweight tools, and single-person installation.

  • 03

    Dustproof design

    The power generation system adopts Risen double-glass frameless modules, with self-cleaning function to instantly remove dust, reducing power generation losses caused by dust accumulation compared to conventional frame modules.

  • 04

    Same lifecycle

    Double-glass module design with high-quality accessory combination, ensuring a 30-year system life, avoiding mid-term replacement of accessories, and reducing system loss costs.

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