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  • 0BB cell
  • Ultra-thin cell
  • Pure silver used
  • Hyper-link stress-free
    interconnection technology
    • 767.38 Wp

      Maximum power up to

    • 24.7%

      Maximum efficiency up to

    • 85±10(%)

      Maximum bifaciality

    • -0.24%/℃

      Temperature coefficient

    Perfect symmetrical structure

    0BB cell technology

    Ultra-thin cell technology

    Pure silver used < 7mg/W

    Product Advantages

  • Leading Quality Assurance

    First-year degradation reduced to 1%, annual degradation reduced to 0.3%, with a power retention rate of over 90% for 30 years

  • Lower BOS Costs

    With low-voltage and high-string power design, and under certain irradiance levels, the increase in string power can help effectively reduce the cost of brackets, pile foundations, cables, and installation per watt.

  • Superior Power Generation Revenue

    Derived from a more stable temperature coefficient (-0.24%/°C), higher bifaciality (up to 85%), and higher power retention rate, resulting in over 6% increase in power generation compared to mainstream PERC bifacial modules in the market

  • Lower LCOE and Higher IRR

    Lower BOS, higher efficiency, and increased power generation lead to lower LCOE and higher IRR

  • Reduced Occupied Area

    With the same installed capacity, our products can effectively reduce the area of array and land occupation, while saving installation time and maintenance costs.

  • Ultra-low Carbon Footprint

    With low-temperature process, streamlined procedures, industry-leading low-carbon materials, including ultra-thin silicon wafers, high-strength alloy steel frames, and ultra-high power generation resulting from high power and high efficiency, our products have obtained the French carbon footprint certification ECS CRE4 N.035-2023_002, and set a new industry benchmark for carbon footprint certification at a record low of 376.5 kg of CO2/kWc.

  • Lower BOS Costs and LCOE

  • TOPCon 210-66
  • HJT Hyper-ion 210-66
  • Lower Carbon Footprint

  • Higher Carbon Value

    Take a 100MW power station as an example, one year:

  • Reliability

    Passed rigorous 3X-IEC61215&61730 testing,
    With stricter testing conditions, ensuring higher reliability;

    Passed 3X-PID rigorous testing, where the duration increased from 96 hours to 288 hours, resulting in less than 5% power degradation;

    Passed 3X-LeTID testing, conducted over 3 cycles (3x162 hours), with power degradation less than 1%;

    Passed rigorous DH testing, with the duration increased from 1,000 hours to 3,000 hours, demonstrating higher reliability;

    Passed level-8 salt spray corrosion resistance testing, exhibiting better corrosion resistance performance.

    Product Series

  • Hyper-ion725Wp

    Hyper-ion 132 HJT Bifacial Module
  • Hyper-ion605Wp

    Hyper-ion 110 HJT Bifacial Module