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Risen Energy Group

  • Risen Energy

    Risen Energy

    As a leading global new energy enterprise, Risen Energy leads the global energy revolution with solar cells, solar modules, and photovoltaic power stations, etc., provides new energy green solutions and integrated services worldwide, and assists customers in achieving their "low-carbon" or "zero-carbon" goals through our products, thereby propelling society into the era of carbon neutrality!
    Based on our strategic objectives, we established the Global Photovoltaic Research Institute in November 2023, primarily responsible for integrated technology research, product development, product iteration, and technology management. The institute is committed to providing the lowest carbon photovoltaic solutions and building a global efficient photovoltaic research and innovation center to provide solid technical support for the company and enhance the competitiveness of our products and technologies. We position the institute as a platform for global photovoltaic technology exchange and cooperation that promotes the dissemination and application of photovoltaic technology worldwide, to lay a solid foundation for realizing the vision - Risen Energy Grows Worldwide for Hundreds of Years.

  • Global Sales

    Global Sales

    As a national high-tech enterprise, Risen Energy possesses over 45 core technologies in its main business areas and has established an independent national photovoltaic laboratory, which has obtained international CNAS certification and can conduct testing for 54 projects based on the IEC61215, IEC61730-2, and UL1703 standards, supporting the design, research, and development, as well as quality management, of the company and other photovoltaic enterprises.
    The company's products are exported to 89 countries and regions including Europe, the US, South Africa, and Southeast Asia, providing professional and convenient photovoltaic products and technical support to a wide range of customers.

  • Honours and Awards

    Honours and Awards

    Our products have obtained international certifications such as TUV, CE, UL, GS, and ROHS, and we are are the first in the industry to obtain ISO14001 environmental management system, ISO9001 quality management system, and ISO45001 occupational health and safety management system certifications.
    In 2021, we were granted five EUPD brand certifications including EUPD-India and EUPD-Australia.
    In 2021, we were named the Best Supplier of Heterojunction Cell Modules.
    In 2022, we were named the PVEL "Best Performing" Module Manufacturer.
    In 2022, we won the China Green and Efficient Module Award and the Green and Efficient HJT Technology Award.
    In 2022, we were listed on the Top 500 Chinese Manufacturers.
    In 2022, we received the AAA review from the China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products.
    In 2022, we were honoured with 12 EUPD brand certifications including EUPD-ITALY and EUPD-SPAIN.
    In 2023, we were recognized as the Leading Enterprise in HJT Technology for 2022, and awarded the Golden Leopard Award for Technology Excellence and PV Magezine award 2023, and received six EUPD brand certifications including EUPD-BRAZIL.

  • First Tier

    Bloomberg Module Capacity

  • 48 GW

    Global Capacity (projected for 2024)

  • 35.327 Billion

    Annual Sales (2023)

  • 100+


  • 740

    Patented Technologies

  • 15,000+

    Global Workforce

  • 15,000+

    Global Customers

  • 3

    National Photovoltaic Laboratories

  • Global Sales Service Network

    Risen Energy has established offices and branches worldwide and built a global sales network in countries such as China, Germany, Australia, India, the United States, and Japan, aiming to provide green new energy solutions globally.

  • Vision

    Empower green new energy to create a new way of life for humanity.

  • Mission

    Continuously improve the energy landscape and make human life better through scientific and technological innovation.

  • Core Values

    Performance is dignity.

  • Service Hotline



    Tel: 0086-574-59953588

    Address: Tashan Industry Zoon, Meilin Street, Ninghai, Ningbo, China