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Introduction to Partners

  • Growth and Support

    Growth and Support

    We provide a learning platform for partners to participate in our training programmes, helping them acquire more specialized knowledge and sales skills for mutual growth. At the same time, we develop various incentives and activities to jointly explore the market and provide better products and solutions for customers.

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  • Marketing Materials

    Marketing Materials

    Diverse marketing materials such as product information, success stories, and bidding documents are available for download.

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  • After-sales Support

    After-sales Support

    We offer online support, regional contact support, and other after-sales services to ensure the normal use of products throughout their lifecycle and to address issues promptly.

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  • Sales Partners

    We invite you to be our distributors that sell our products, solutions, and services in your industry and region.

  • Solution Partners

    Collaborate to explore various solutions such as energy storage and residential photovoltaics, helping to achieve global low-carbon transformation.

  • Investment and Financing Partners

    Provide investment, financing, and leasing services.

  • Win-win Cooperation to
    Build a Reliable Partnership Ecosystem

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