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Car-home BIPV Smart Car Shed

Standardized Structure Design for Car-home
  • 01

    Clear Frame Cover Plate Design

    Reduces construction complexity, enhances the support strength of the framework structure, maintains overall system stability, and provides a safer structure.

  • 02

    Steel Structure Design

    Main load-bearing components are made of steel structure, with the surface treated with fluorocarbon spraying, ensuring high structural reliability and excellent seismic performance.

  • 03

    Water Drainage Design

    In the direction of water flow, a clear frame cover plate design is used, combined with custom waterproof adhesive strips; horizontally, custom waterproof adhesive strips are used for sealing, providing better water drainage and waterproof performance.

  • Car-home: Green Energy Mobility
    Car-home Function Options
    Car-home Configuration Options
    • M Type

    • T Type

    • V Type

    • Y Type

    Car-home Minimalist Installation
  • 01

    Prefabricated Structure

    Designed by a professional team, the entire structure is prefabricated in a specialized factory.

  • 02

    Exquisite Components

    Each part of the vehicle is scientifically disassembled into compact and lightweight components, which can be transported by small construction vehicles.

  • 03

    Rapid Installation

    Bolt installation method with no welding, dust, or noise. The construction process is lightweight, simple, and quick, ensuring rapid completion and immediate usability.

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