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Definition of Integrity


Refers to the deliberate use of deception and other illegal and irregular means by personnel inside or outside the company to cause economic losses to the organization and possibly bring undue benefits to individuals.

  • 1. Accepting bribes or kickbacks
  • 2. Embezzlement, misappropriation, encroachment, or theft of company assets
  • 3. Disclosing the company's business or technical secrets and other confidential information
  • 4. Transferring transaction matters that can be legitimately profitable for the company under normal circumstances to individuals controlled, favored, or having interests with third parties, and profiting from them
  • 5. Falsely expressing or intentionally omitting, misreporting transactions or other matters, causing the company to pay for false transactions
  • 6. Intentionally concealing, misreporting transaction matters, falsifying or tampering with accounting records or business documents, etc., to embellish reports, causing the company to ultimately suffer losses or penalties; other fraudulent acts that harm the company's interests.
  • Six Red Lines for Employees
  • Corruption

    Embezzlement of assets, bribery, seeking personal gain at the expense of the company, taking advantage of one's position for personal gain, and harming the interests of the company.

  • Leaking Secrets

    Disclosing business secrets and sensitive information, including but not limited to undisclosed business plans, technical data, financial information, and bidding information, etc.

  • Falsification

    Using false numbers to inflate performance, presenting false reports as achievements, forging company seals, and tampering with, falsifying, or fabricating contracts, official documents, certificates, and bills, etc.

  • Abuse of Power

    Abuse of authority, neglect of duty, using power for personal gain, and shielding wrongdoing.

  • Forming Cliques

    Forming factions, cliques, or engaging in factionalism.

  • Unethical Behaviour

    Using authority to engage in improper relationships.

  • Whistleblowing Channel Details

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