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  • 610Wp+

    Maximum power

  • 22.6%

    Maximum efficiency

  • 15-year product warranty

    30-year power output warranty

Product Advantages

  • High Power Generation Yield

    Excellent temperature coefficient (-0.29%/°C), higher bifaciality (≈80%), and better low-light performance.

  • High Packing Capacity and Low Transportation Costs

    Fully utilizing the container's internal capacity, increasing the loading power of a single container, and reducing the transportation cost per watt.

  • Optimal Compatibility with Tracking Brackets

    Under the same installed capacity, compared to the same type of PERC products, it can increase the capacity of a single set of tracking bracket, reduce the number of trackers, and thus save the overall project's bracket costs.

  • Low BOS Costs

    Compared to the same type of PERC products, the single-string power is brighter in the same environment, and can effectively reduce the cost of brackets, pile foundations, cables, and installation per watt, thereby reducing BOS costs.

  • Lower BOS Costs and LCOE

  • TOPCon 191.6R-72
  • Standardization of Product Dimensions
    Based on the dimensions of a 40-foot high-cube container, the module size is designed to be 2382x1134 when horizontally stacked, to promote unified industry-standard dimensions, and maximize container capacity utilization, which would help reduce supply chain complexity, lower costs, and minimize application disturbances in system design.


    Product Series

  • TOPCon645Wp

    TOPCon 156 n-type Bifacial Monocrstalline Module
  • TOPCon620Wp

    TOPCon 144 n-type Bifacial Monocrstalline Module
  • TOPCon460Wp

    TOPCon 108 n-type Bifacial Monocrstalline Module