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Risen Energy signs 1GW HJT solar panel contract (high strength alloy steel frame) with MTR

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  • This important partnership aims to contribute to MTR's expansion, allowing the company to meet the growing demand for clean and sustainable energy. In addition, the choice of RISEN Energy's Heterojunction Technology (HJT) solar modules is also in line with MTR's commitment to investing in more advanced and sustainable technologies;


    With climate change becoming increasingly urgent, it is essential that companies adopt more sustainable practices and invest in clean energy sources. MTR is taking an important step in this direction of being one of the main players in the country's electricity sector by signing this contract with RISEN Energy Brazil for the acquisition of 1GW in solar modules with HJT technology, contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and to a more sustainable future.


    Brazil, May 31, 2024 - Around 18.2% of the Brazilian electricity matrix comes from solar energy, the second largest source of energy, according to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar). In terms of greenhouse gas emissions, the main contributors to climate change, the solar energy sector has avoided the emission of at least 42.8 million tons of CO2 in electricity generation.

    With an eye on the growth of the solar market as one of the main sources of clean energy to mitigate climate change, which is already occurring not only in Brazil but around the world, the MTR Group, one of the main distributors and manufacturers of equipment for solar power plants in Brazil, and China's RISEN Energy, one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of photovoltaic modules in the world, announced this week a partnership for the supply of equipment. The contract is for the purchase of 1GW of solar modules over the next 12 months, with a power output of more than 700Wp with N-type cells with HJT (Hyper-Ion) technology from RISEN Energy, which will be used to supply distributed generation solar projects with an installed capacity of between 1 and 5 megawatts (MW). With this contract, MTR also plans to enter the Centralized Generation market in 2025.

    RISEN Energy's 210mm N-type Heterojunction Technology (HJT) modules will be manufactured in high strength alloy steel frame, which offers greater mechanical resistance than aluminum structures, guaranteeing greater performance in today's climatic conditions. MTR is one of RISEN Energy's main distributors in Latin America and has now signed a new equipment contract where it expects a 30% increase in equipment sales by the end of the year. In the solar market, the company already has 1.8GWp (Gigawatt-peak) installed, more than 480 plants served and more than 2.2 million modules installed. The CEO of the MTR Group, Thiago Rios, highlights the partnership with RISEN as one of the company's main moves in the solar market with a view to expanding into a new market of large-scale power plants: "We have customized solutions for each client who can follow the entire process which will have a significant reduction in cost compared to the competition because we have the know-how and experience to know that the client doesn't need to worry about looking for different import, purchasing and transport companies, here at MTR all the steps take place in one place".

    RISEN Energy's HJT technology modules, produced with a high strength alloy steel frame, bring implicit sustainability since steel has a greater carbon footprint, reducing carbon emissions by 6.2 times and energy consumption by three times. The vast majority of solar modules supplied on the national and global market are aluminum-framed, but RISEN's new patented technology of steel alloy-framed modules is 31% more resistant than aluminum-framed modules, and has a negligible weight variation when comparing steel vs. aluminum. For the Country Manager of RISEN Energy Brazil, Ricardo Marchezini, the partnership with MTR in Brazil is very significant for the expansion of the company's business throughout Latin America: "We are excited about this strategic partnership with MTR, which represents a significant milestone for our company in Brazil, strengthening our leadership in the solar energy sector and in the supply of HJT technology throughout Latin America. This contract not only reaffirms our commitment to innovation and sustainability, but also drives our expansion in Latin America, opening up new market opportunities and consolidating long-term partnerships for RISEN Energy and MTR. This trust from our strategic customer demonstrates the excellence of our products and services, and motivates us to continue investing in solutions that meet the growing demands for a quality product and high efficiency in the generation and supply of clean energy. This is a crucial step in our growth journey and further consolidates us as the leading global supplier of HJT technology in the world."

    The modules in the high-strength alloy steel frame option also offer high corrosion resistance and greater resistance to tearing at the module attachment points compared to aluminum frames. All this translates into a low carbon footprint for the entire life cycle of the module. RISEN Energy has been supplying the Brazilian market with HJT technology, and since 2019 has been the global leader in supplying modules with this technology, so that the Brazilian market can enjoy the advantages of this technology that achieves low cost per kWh with low carbon emissions.

    Among the advantages of RISEN's HJT technology, the panel has achieved important and expressive marks in its technical characteristics compared to other technologies offered on the market, with the lowest temperature coefficient, the highest bifaciality index, high powers and the best energy efficiency, breaking world records in tests carried out with third-party companies such as TÜV SÜD and the PV Magazine Award recently. These technical differentials of the HJT module bring a significant advantage in the LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy) and BOS (Balance of System) of solar plants, offering the best cost-benefit and return on investment to investors.

    With complete solutions for solar plants, MTR has a wide portfolio of products, including trackers, fixed structures, skids, electrocenters, inverters, A.I. monitoring and plant management systems, among others. In just four months of 2024, MTR has already reached 40% of its target for the year, which is 2GW in equipment and structures sold. In April 2024, the MTR Group received ISO 9001 certification for its solar plant equipment factory located in Juiz de Fora/MG, which demonstrates the company's commitment to the quality of its products and manufacturing processes. This certification recognizes that MTR Solar meets international quality management standards and complies with the industry's best practices. This brings credibility to the company and peace of mind to its customers, who can rely on the quality of the equipment and structures manufactured by MTR.

    In addition, the CEO points out that the company is constantly looking for strategic partnerships and new technologies to remain competitive in the solar market, always aiming for product quality and customer satisfaction. "We are always attentive to market demands and technological innovations in order to offer increasingly efficient and sustainable solutions. Our goal is to continue growing and consolidating our presence in the solar market, contributing to the sustainable development of the energy sector in Brazil. For 2024, we expected growth of 30% and we've already been surprised by 37% growth (Jan-Apr) in the sale of equipment and structures for DG ground-mounted power plants," concludes the CEO. In partnership with renowned companies in the sector, the MTR Group offers complete and customized solutions for each client, guaranteeing energy efficiency and cost savings.

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