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Risen Energy’s 0BB HJT Hyper-ion Modules Passed the TÜV SÜD 3X IEC Environmental Testing

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  • Risen Energy recently announced a significant achievement that it successfully passed the TÜV SÜD 3X IEC environmental testing. According to the testing report, under stringent testing conditions, Risen Energy’s HJT Hyper-ion modules demonstrated a maximum power degradation rate of less than 5%. The test results indicate that the product not only exhibits outstanding weather resistance and reliability but also industry-leading material and process selection as well as application, making it the best product that meets the high-quality installation requirements of global customers.

    As the photovoltaic (PV) industry evolves and global installation capacities continue to rise, the application environments for modules become increasingly diverse. Some special application scenarios demand higher weather resistance and reliability of the modules. Therefore, stringent IEC tests have become a fundamental requirement for leading companies to validate their module performance. Being the leading module manufacturer focusing on HJT as the primary n-type technology, Risen Energy considers stringent IEC tests as basic requirement for the its HJT Hyper-ion products during its development and mass production. The successful completion of the 3X IEC test by TÜV SÜD, a world-renowned and authoritative third-party agency, with a maximum degradation rate less than 5%, demonstrates the reliability and weather resistance of Risen Energy’s HJT Hyper-ion products throughout their lifecycle. Their exceptional weather resistance and reliability ensure better protection for long-term outdoor applications, contributing to increased power generation benefits for customers.

    Risen Energy, with 22 years of dedicated experience in PV industry, has amassed extensive experience in product development and manufacturing, and established a comprehensive product development and quality management system, which guarantees the quality and reliability of its products throughout their lifecycle, delivering customers with enhanced user experience. Risen Energy’s commitment to providing high-quality products to customers and the market reflects its ongoing mission. The company’s excellent reputation among customers has positioned it as one of the globally renowned PV brands.

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