Risen Energy's services encompasses EPCM, EPC, O&M, and others. As a major investor and an industry-leading photovoltaic product provider, Risen Energy is able to combine various requests and expectations to realize the sustainable development of photovoltaic projects for entering into the future energy supply opportunities across the globe.

Risen Energy recruits renowned engineers from both inside and outside China for photovoltaic power plant construction, operations, and maintenance, and establishes dedicated departments specialized in the design, engineering, operations and maintenance of photovoltaic products, so as to provide full-process photovoltaic system solutions, including project establishment consultation, design, installation, grid-connection support, testing and maintenance, system upgrades, and more.

To keep expanding project quantity and scale, Risen Energy explores new or more extensive partnership and financing systems.

Independent Developer

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With high quality products, Risen Energy helps independent power generation provide customers with stable, abundant power at rational prices and considerable services. Risen Energy always prioritizes customer satisfaction when doing business and pursuing higher profits, so as to balance its social and economic benefits.