Risen Energy's services encompasses EPCM, EPC, O&M, and others. As a major investor and an industry-leading photovoltaic product provider, Risen Energy is able to combine various requests and expectations to realize the sustainable development of photovoltaic projects for entering into the future energy supply opportunities across the globe.

Risen Energy recruits renowned engineers from both inside and outside China for photovoltaic power plant construction, operations, and maintenance, and establishes dedicated departments specialized in the design, engineering, operations and maintenance of photovoltaic products, so as to provide full-process photovoltaic system solutions, including project establishment consultation, design, installation, grid-connection support, testing and maintenance, system upgrades, and more.

 To keep expanding project quantity and scale, Risen Energy explores new or more extensive partnership and financing systems.

Project Design, Procurement, and Construction

Electric plant layout planning  |  Budgeting  |  Power generation estimation  |  Technological planning: conceptual, basic, and sophisticated technical process planning

Risen Energy has abundant experience after delivering several hundred projects regarding photovoltaic power generation. With proprietary photovoltaic modules, Risen Energy has already had advantages in price and technology.

One of Risen Energy's main businesses is to implement photovoltaic projects. Risen Energy teams are professional enough to plan, design, and execute photovoltaic projects. Highly efficient and professional systems designed by our strongest civil, electrical, and mechanical engineer teams will be sampled and assessed according to the IEC standard on a regular basis. Also, our products have passed repeated assessments conducted by authorities. Hence, we are confident about our products and capable of delivering customized projects with guaranteed electric power.

 Professionalism leads to lower costs and higher profits.

 Procurement agreement  |  Logistics management

Risen Energy can effectively optimize a project within a customer's procurement budget limit. Also, with a global perspective, Risen Energy partners with world-leading companies and suppliers to enable prompt project delivery.  

We have established a long-term, global, and networked procurement system to guarantee optimal quality and price. In this way, we can not only provide customers with high-quality products but also reduces their costs and generates more profits. 

 Project coordination  |  Project supervision  |  Quality surveillance  |  Trial operation

Risen Energy is a world-class photovoltaic construction and management capability development company. With its advanced technologies, Risen Energy has constructed several hundred high-level photovoltaic power plants globally, including in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Qinghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Gansu, and other provinces in China, and Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, France, UK, Spain, the Middle East, and other countries. 

Our projects are constructed by sophisticated teams assigned by the headquarters. In terms of project supervision, Risen Energy invites third-party organizations to implement quality supervision and assessments according to customer requirements. Being a trustworthy service provider, Risen Energy only delivers projects to customers when the projects run smoothly in trial operations.