Our Culture




Clear employee performance evaluation mechanisms and systematic potential realization courses help employees improve personal skills and realize sustainable talent development.

Fun activities add more fun and excitement to the workplace, encourage cross-departmental communication, and enhance team cohesion.

With a humanistic perspective, Risen Energy invests resources in enriching employees' spiritual life and work/life balance, ensuring that every employee counts.

Employee care examples

  • For female employees: nursing rooms

    Risen Energy has provided nursing rooms at workplaces to provide mothers with private spaces for their necessities and support them being new moms at work.

  • For talented employees: 2nd "Shengpu Cup" Talent Show

    The 2nd "Shengpu Cup" Talent Show took place at the headquarters in Ninghai for employees from all Risen Energy branches to show their talents.

  • For all employees: Festivals

    To celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival and National Day, Risen Energy expressed sincere gratitude to employees for their hard work.