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Risen Energy won the 17MW bidding of Huaneng

2017-03-21 00:00      view count: 0

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Recently, Risen Energy won the bidding of Huaneng for building a solar PV project in Shangan ash yard power station. The project’s capacity is 17 MW and Risen Energy will supply all the high-efficiency photovoltaic modules needed for its construction. This shows that one of the world’s top 500 companies is giving its approval for the high-efficiency PV modules made by Risen Energy.

It also presents Risen as a company which will push forward the optimization of the energy structure in China.

In order to build high-quality solar projects and promote the utilization of clean energy, Huaneng Shangan has set a strict standard for the photovoltaic modules used in its solar power projects.

In the bidding contract, the companies are required to have had total projects of at least 50MW capacity with 285W monocrystalline modules built in the last three years. Other requirements include: the peak performance of the modules should be more than 285Wp, the margin of error should be in the scope between 0 and 5 W, the efficiency drop of the mono-crystalline silicon PV modules in the first year should be less than 3%, after that, the efficiency drop should be no more than 0.7% per year, and the overall efficiency drop should not exceed 20% for 25 years of operation.

Risen Energy is the first solar energy company in China to acquire the “Top Runner” project license. Thanks to its excellent high-efficiency solar PV products and the sustainable innovation of the technology, Risen Energy won the bidding.  According to a report, the monocrystalline modules used in the project have excellent conversion efficiency and show outstanding durability.

By using high-quality solar cells, high-transparency glass coating and encapsulating, the module with weather-resistant coverage, the efficiency of the PV systems has improved considerably.  At the same time, the PV modules show excellent resistance against ammonia gas, salt fog and have excellent PID resistance. Other characteristic features are high bearable load of 5400 Pa machinery, excellent low irradiance performance and high-temperature resistance. It is guaranteed that the solar PV systems will keep functioning effectively in conditions of ash and dust.

Risen Energy announced: “We are extremely happy to have won Huaneng’s bidding for a solar PV project in Shangan ash yard power station. This shows Huaneng’s recognition for the quality of our products and the efficiency of our technology. In the future, Risen Energy will keep focusing on the quality of the products, will keep innovating the technology, and will keep providing efficient and reliable solar PV products to our customers around the world.